Michael Jordan was a very smart man that was not only good on the basketball court but amazing in the business world as well. From the start of his career he knew that he could market himself well and did so to make sure that he would have a lasting career in the basketball world. Not all athletes can play for a long time The most do not last more than 10 years and Jordan noticed that. He knew that he had to do something other than just playing basketball to keep bringing in money after he retired. That is why he collaborated with Nike to make Jordan shoes. That’s the smartest decision that any basketball player has ever made and that is why Jordan is the wealthiest basketball player to ever live.

He knew that his name had so much hype behind it and he could really do something with himself. If you are a very popular basketball player it is easy to market yourself and sell merchandise.  There are a lot of basketball players that have a shoe out here or a shirt out there, but nobody has done it like Michael Jordan. He started with one shoe that he collaborated with Nike on and it was a sellout. Then he noticed that he could create a whole line of shoes and it became his own brand. By just the fifth year is his career, Michael Jordan had already become the wealthiest basketball player of all time. In fact, 90% of his income didn’t even come from his basketball salary. Most of the money came from his endorsements and merchandise sales. He had a large contract but not as large as some of the other players that were in the nba at the time. He knew that he had a very large name in basketball after he had lead his team to a national championship in the early stages of his career. So he took advantage of that new found fame. We know that most players were not able to do what Michael Jordan did because they weren’t as famous, but they could still sell some merchandise. Many basketball players do not see the business end of the sport and then by the time their career is up they have already spent all of their earnings from the salary itself.

Michael Joradan has made history with the name he was able to create for himself. He would not be nearly as famous  if it were not for him creating his shoe company. His shoe company is the vehicle that has brought his name to the newer generations. Everybody and their mother buys Jordan shoes when it comes to basketball.



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Nike hyperdunk

Hey everybody and in this post  today we are going to be talking to you about the three best pairs of shoes for playing basketball.

There are many different basketball shoes out there and a lot of different companies that make them. Since this while guess about Nikes and Jordans, we are only going to be focusing on those two brands. So if you’re looking for any other brand then you have come to the wrong place.

The three Best pairs of basketball shoes

Nike hyper dunk-this is probably one of the most popular pairs of shoes that Nike makes for basketball. The hyper dunk is a very lightweight basketball shoe that allows you to jump incredibly high because of how late it is. They also have very good ankle support so they are stable on your feet.  You’re going to be left with a very comfortable shoe after playing basketball for even a few hours. This shoe design allows you to run at TopSpeed and jump as high as you possibly can. The material that they are made out of allows them to become a shoe that is incredibly hard to crease. Since they are not made of leather this is possible. So you’ll be able to wear the shoes out and about and they will look great as well. It has been shown that these shoes let basketball players jump about 3 inches higher than usual.

Nike Kobe dunk-this is another great basketball shoes at Nike makes. It is a little bit different of a shoe because it is a low top. This is an even better shoe for basketball than the last one because  of the fact that it is low top. That makes the shoe a lot lighter and less bulky so it is easier for you to run in. The only downside of the shoe is that you cannot jump as high because it does not have the same ankle support as a hightop basketball shoe.

Another great feature that these issues have is  amazing grip. No other basketball shoe has grip like this pair. You are able to stop in an instant with no slide so you will not risk slipping on the ground when you are trying to stop and pass to your other teammates.

Jordan 5’s- we chose this as one of our top three because of the performance it has on the court as well as the aesthetics it gives you in the court as well. A lot of different basketball shoes are going to look quite ugly and you would never think about wearing them in public.  Deezer going to be very flashy on the court and get a lot of peoples attention. What’s even better about the shoes is the performance of them though. There is no other shoe that allows you to jump higher stop faster or run faster in a game of basketball than these. It is because of the materials they are made out of.  They are made out of a lightweight poly-based material that makes them the lightest basketball shoe on the market. They also have amazing foot support, they are very comfortable, and have extremely good grip as well. They are probably the most comfortable shoe in basketball as well because of how the shoe conforms it’s self to exactly how your foot is shaped. When you stick the shoes on the inside is going to mold to your foot. There is no other shoe on the market that does that.

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Nike and Jordan history

The history of nike

Nike was a company that was started back in the late 1970s from a man called Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Diesel were two guys, one a college student and one a track coach at the University of Oregon. Bowerman used to create shoes  that were for running out of his wife’s waffle iron because that gave the right tread for famous runner Prefontaine to win an Olympic games with them.  Phil Knight had the idea for the shoes with Bill Bowerman and then after the run or use them to win an Olympic games the company blew up and went crazy. Everybody and their mother wanted a pair of the shoes and then the company took off within a couple years.  Phil night was a man with Truevision and  has Bill club one of the largest shoe and clothing brands in the world to this day. Nike started as a simple shoe company to create shoes for runners, but in the late years they have branched out to many different sports. Nike makes sportswear for just about any support you could imagine. Everything from running all the way to snowboarding, Nike has it all and there is no better company to go to for sporting goods.

The history of Michael Jordan and Jordan shoes

Michael Jordan was a man who always wanted to be a professional basketball player in the NBA.  She had this dream so deep seated in his mind that he was willing to do anything and everything it took to make his dreams a reality. He was not a man who was generally not good at basketball when he was a kid. He was always middle of the team and not very noticed on the court. Michael Jordan is actually a man who got rejected  to join his high school basketball team because he wasn’t good enough. So she decided to train and train until he got better than everybody else. He went and played college ball as a walk on and was a national star. After that he went on to play in the NBA and to become the most known basketball player of all time. He was known  to have some of the most influential games of all time. There is a famous shot of Michael Jordan to where he shot the ball at the last minute from beyond the half-court line and he made the shot. By doing that he won the national championship for the Chicago Bulls and that is where he became incredibly famous for basketball. After that endorsements like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok were all over him to market his merchandise.  He actually from their ended up doing a deal with Nike to where he would start his own line of shoes which would be his own company called Jordan shoes. This is probably the most successful single shoe company in the world. Nike still holds a lot of stock in that because they were the ones to help him start, but Jordan is a company that does  sickly basketball equipment and they’re the best at it. Jordan shoes are extremely rare as well to some Jordans sell for tens of thousands of dollars because of how rare they are. For example, a pair of 1995 Jordan fives will run you about $25,000 if never worn. Like that would be a shoe that you would ever want to wear because it is such a rare item.  Jordan shoes makes the best basketball shoes that have ever been created.  They are also extremely good for wearing around to be stylish as well.

Well that is a little bit of the backstory on both companies Jordan and Nike and how they both got started. We hope that you liked the post that we had to share with you today and please come back for more tomorrow.


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Air Jordan fusion

Today our  Conversation is going to be geared towards a shoe called Nike air Jordan fusions. This is a very high-profile shoes at Nike makes that worked with Jordan to make it. Think of a pair of Jordan fives mixed with Nike Air Force One. This is one of the best shoes that both have ever worked together to make. And today we are going to do a review on this shoe.

Nike air Jordan fusion why to choose

  1. the look-the look of the shoes is absolutely amazing. It looks like a very high top air force one with a nice Jordan flair. You’re going to get the awesome 23 number on the shoe and you can customize it in any color. That is perhaps the best part about the shoes that you can go to and get it  completely customized to the color scheme that you want on it. You could get red and blue, black and white, red and black, or anything you possibly desire.  This is a shoe that will go with absolutely anything that you are wearing because Jordan’s look good on everything. From a basketball game to a fancy dinner, the shoes are going to accommodate you for any event. Nikes and Jordans speak class and everybody is going to know when you walk in the room.  Does a pair of shoes that really standout so beware that if you are not a flashy person.
  2.  Functionality-on top of great looks calm of the shoes also have amazing functionality with them. The sport that they are primarily good for his basketball. Since they are kind of heavy shoes and not too easy to run in,  they are not so good for sprinting and football. But they had very good angle supports which allows you to jump a lot higher so they are extremely good for basketball. You need nice heavy shoes in basketball that are going to help you jump higher to dunk and things like that. They have this sort of shock  absorber feature built into the bottom of the shoe that is what helps you jump so high. The best part about these when you’re playing basketball is that they will be extremely comfortable for you which will allow you to play basketball for elongated periods of time. That is crucial when  it comes to basketball because a lot of the shoes they make or actually extremely uncomfortable.
  3.   Durability-one thing but the shoes are known for is their durability. They are very good at withstanding a lot of use and still looking pretty good when you wear it. It takes a lot to wear a pair of Air Jordan fusions out  and with that we mean heavy use. Like you playing basketball every single day for six months for hours today. That is what it is going to take to trash the shoes. They are built out of a special material that is light and bendable so it is hard to  Kris them which ends up being the big problem with a lot of shoes that you use for sports.   Still, we always recommend that you keep one pair for use and one pair for wearing around and looks.

That is our review for you guys on the Nike Air Jordan fusions and we hope you liked what we had share with you today. We always recommend that you comment on our post and give us your opinion on what you think. We hope that what we shared with you today will give you the right information you need to go out and make a decision on what she want to buy. If you’re looking for this pair of shoe then you can easily find them over at


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Air Force one

Back in 1982 Nike came out with a groundbreaking shoe that would change the shoe game forever. That shoe that was released was called the Nike Air Force One. This show has kept its original design since the day it came out. They have not changed a single thing about the shoe and it has  stayed in style ever since. This is literally a shoe that will go with anything you’re wearing. The best color to get the them is plain white or black because like we said they go with anything.  The Air Force One is an absolutely amazing shoe that has done so much for the shoe community and has inspired many other designs.

Why you should choose the Nike Air Force One

  1. The look-  this may be one of the most basic and clean shoes around, but it is for that reason as to why this is one of the greatest shoes ever made. It is because this shoe is simple as to why it looks amazing with anything you wear. This is literally a shoe that you can wear with any outfit. There are not many other shoes that can do that. From a professional look all the way to a basketball look, these issues will accommodate anything that you were trying to pull off. It will even assist in any look you are trying to give.  We recommend though that you wear the Nike Air Force ones with something plane like khaki shorts or jeans with a nice shirt. These shoes are really going to complement that type of outfit the best because of their simplistic design.
  2. Quality-  The quality of the Nike Air Force One is like no other. It is made of 100% genuine leather which not many other shoes have. The shoe is completely handstitched and handcrafted to perfection.  Takes hours to make one of the shoes and much love is put into it during the process.  This is a shoe that is going to last you a very long time and keep its new look over that time. This is because of the genuine leather that the shoe is made out of. I have never seen a fashionable shoe that is as durable as this one. You can use these in just about any type of activity and they will still keep up their new and crisp look.
  3. very useful-  on top of all the other amazing things about this shoe, it is also something that has many uses as well. You can use these to just wear around and look cool, and they are also very good for outdoor activities. This shoe gives the feet very good support which they need to function. It is very good for sports like football and basketball as it is a very light shoe that has good durability. When you are playing basketball they help you jump higher by keeping your feet well supported.  Same goes for sports like football. They are good for running in as well because of the comfortability of them.

Well there you have it, that is our in-depth review about the Nike Air Force One. We hope that the information we have shared with you is enough for you to decide if whether or not you want to buy that shoe or not.

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And please go to to order the shoe.

Also, take a look at this YouTube video that will give a good visual on the beautiful Air Force One.


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Jordan shoes

This is the website that is dedicated to everything about Nike and Jordan. These companies make amazing shoes and in this blog we’re going to be giving reviews on all of the different models that they sell. There are constant new Jordan models coming out and it is hard to keep up with all of them on your own. That is why you have somebody like us to take care of doing the reviews for you so that you can have an easier time selecting the shoe that you  want to buy. We understand how frustrating it can be to get the right pair of Jordans sometimes because there are just so many different models. A pair of Jordans is something that sometimes can cost a pretty penny, so you want to make sure that you were getting your favorites.

Each review we give you will be very in-depth showing the pros and cons of the shoes as well as comparisons to a couple of other models. This will help further educate you about each to assist you in the buying process. All of our reviews will be 100% honest and performance-based from the shoes.  Our reviews will never be biased towards a certain pair of shoes. We will give everything a fair look over and only give our honest opinion on anything we review.

We are a couple of guys who are sneaker collectors and buy multiple pairs of Jordans every single week to review. We are the right guys to come to if you’re looking for the best reviews on any Nike or Jordan shoes. To find out more about us we definitely recommend that you check out the about Jordans  Page of our website.